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The town of Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost settlement at 140 kilometers within the Arctic Circle is to be moved 4 km south. The entire town has to move as it is at risk of subsidence and subsequently swallowed by the nearby coal mine. For more than one hundred years iron ore has been mined here and as a result, the mine is so large that the town is at risk of collapsing.

Over the next many years the town will be relocated bit by bit, some historic buildings will be loaded onto flatbeds and moved to their new locations, while in the new Kiruna new structures will start to be built, including a new town hall. This project follows this unusual architectural redesign as well as many of the 20,000 inhabitants who will be relocated during moves taking place over the next decade. Thymann started his ongoing documenting of the transition in 2013 and the project is still in progress. He is collaborating with White Architects, LKAB and Kiruna kommune.