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Commissioned by The New York Times this series documents the  Gaza Parkour Team, who practice Parkour in Khan Yunis just outside of the Palestinian capital. With the politics on both sides raging around them, the youths turn an emerging form of athleticism to express themselves.

The series focuses on the energy and athleticism of their movements set against an uncertain landscape, it provides an entry point for audiences to learn about the vitality of life in Gaza aside from the conflict.

In The New York Times journalist Stephen Farrel aptly stated ‘In a very literal sense, the sport is about overcoming barriers, living beyond the restraints of physics … parkour helps untangle the “anger and depression” that comes with living where they do.’ (The Graveyard Shift, New York Times Magazine, 2nd December 2011) The periodic warzone they perform in is contrast to the freedom of Parkour; this story speaks of aiming beyond your confinements.