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The glaciers in Ecuador are receding due to climate change, Project Pressure is collaborating with Emma Stibbon to see how she as an artist create work inspired by the changing landscapes. We look at mountains and panoramas and we assume our surroundings are immutable and resilient, when we are in fact experiencing a rapid change in Earths landscapes. With the glaciated sites in Ecuador Stibbon felt she wanted to say something about the extraordinary landscape but also the kind of poignancy of the fact that the changes in the landscape and will be witnessed within her own lifetime.

The team travelled to Ecuador visiting multiple glaciers at high altitudes up to 5100 M where Stibbon created sketches and collected soil that was used to make pigment for the drawings she created in her studio upon returning.

The project was made possible through a collaboration with Adidas TERREX, the film in this format was created for Adidas TERREX. Klaus Thymann wrote and directed the film as well as created the still images.