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Flows leads you on a journey never before taken, exploring the aquifer on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, investigating the links between ecosystems. The viewer is challenged to rethink ecosystems and consider water as one unity, underlining the importance of saving and protecting all water-bodies.

Flows has unique footage from the air and underwater, taking you more than a kilometre into a submerged cave system to see the incredible mirror mirage where salt and fresh water meets and much more.

The film provides a diverse mix of visually stunning scenes including coral and barrier reefs, aquatic animal species, the expansive underwater river system, Sian Ka’an Marine Reserve, tropical mangrove forests, and the ocean juxtaposed with the challenges of construction, tourism, unsustainable development and corruption.

Flows is written and directed Klaus Thymann and the story is told by key players in the conservation and protection of the Mexican coast. Music by Thom Yorke.

Only trailer is viewable, the 52 min documentary is not online.