WARNING SIGNS are large-scale posters that convey powerful messages about the climate crisis through the combination of commissioned photography with bold text. The success of the work is in the juxtaposition of striking visual beauty with facts that are clearly stated and surprising.

WARNING SIGNS was first presented at the Alt +1000 Photo Festival in Switzerland in 2019, a show supported by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. This first outdoor exhibition consisted of nearly 80 artworks placed throughout the remarkable landscape around Lake Taillères, at an altitude of over 1000 meters.

The thought-provoking text was the result of multiple months of research across a broad spectrum of climate related inquiry. In these works, the photographic element often serves as a foundation or backdrop for the text, which is superimposed over the image.

This hybrid art form creates a dynamic interplay between the image and the written word as the text both complements and expands upon the photographic content, inviting the viewer to engage with the piece on multiple levels.

Since 2019, WARNING SIGNS has been shown at several other venues and institutions.