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Flows – a 52 min

Shot over the course of five months in and around Tulum, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Flows leads viewers on a journey never before taken, exploring the aquifer beneath the Yucatan Peninsula and investigating the links between a number of beautiful and unique aquatic environments.

Through land, air and sea, director Klaus Thymann takes us down over a kilometre into a submerged cave system, to see, amongst other things, the incredible reflective mirage, where salt and freshwater meet, unmixed, resembling an ethereal divide.

Throughout the film, viewers take in coral and barrier reefs, aquatic animal species, an expansive underwater river system, the Sian Ka’an Marine Reserve, tropical mangrove forests and open ocean, masterfully juxtaposed with the tangible challenges of an ever-growing tourism industry, encroaching construction, unsustainable development and related corruption.

Whilst candid and visually stunning, Flows challenges the concept of the ecosystem, considering water as one sole, unified entity and underlining the importance of saving, and protecting, all bodies of water.


Director, Klaus Thymann on Flows:

Flows actually came from a feature I did for The Guardian, where I was joining the dots so to say, showing the connections between the various so-called ecosystems on the Yucatan Peninsula. This brought the idea about to talk of water as one unity and not separate units.

The idea was shaped by conversations with Jens Ambsdorf of The Lighthouse Foundation, as well as Torsten Thiele of Global Ocean Trust, about how to influence policy holders.

The fact that there are very big Marine Protected Areas being announced is great, but, in my view, we need to include the inland underground rivers, too. This is what Flows is about.

Flows is written and directed by Klaus Thymann, with the participation of key figures in the conservation and protection of the Mexican coast and featuring music by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Produced in association with The Lighthouse Foundation.