ONWARDS – A Series of Solutions

Awareness is way past its due date. We need solutions to today’s complex issues.

In a globalized interconnected world problems are ever more difficult to solve. Every consumer decision becomes a highly complex issue with repercussions felt far from the conversation or purchase. It is a butterfly effect of capitalism that separates people living in the West from our impact.

The current narrative suggests governments should continue business as usual with a twist- doing what is politically possible rather than what is necessary. At best we are offered individual solutions, at worst we are simply asked to think positively. Rampant greenwashing encourages us to believe in a future that is not being forged and hope this all goes away.

The public has bought into saying no to plastic straws with negligible impact, and now uses organic canvas bags which have a carbon footprint equivalent to 20,000 plastic bags. But we cannot buy our way out of this crisis. The reality is we must change entire systems not the individual parts. The system approach must be understandable and mainstream.

This is why ONWARDS is necessary.

ONWARDS is a multimedia documentary series that will provide this new and urgent narrative – explaining and quantifying genuinely transformative solutions to show how the world must change.

ONWARDS starts where others stop by mapping a new terrain of hope through the foundation of a paradigm shift to be sustained with continued content engagement. The content takes multiple forms to meet people where they are.

ONWARDS is anchored by a premium video series for streaming channels and supported by a podcast, blog, exclusive social media content and more. The series will be updated with additional content as our global story evolves. The multiple touch points will fertilize debate and ripple through networks. Audiences will learn about realistic emerging solutions and meet fascinating people.

This series has a chance to bring specialist solutions and thought-leadership to the mainstream, encouraging viewers to show their desire for innovation and demand investment at scale. ONWARDS is pushing for real lifestyle change at scale – ushering in a future that genuinely tackles our most urgent concerns.

ONWARDS will shift public opinion and help accelerate the change required.