A hybrid is the creation of something new, made by combining two different elements. 
Hybrids explores the grey areas on the cultural map by documenting hybrid cultures around the globe; including a gay rodeo in Los Angeles, snow polo in St. Mortiz, a religious theme park in Florida, underground gardening in Tokyo, Chinese hip hop, and underwater striptease in Chile, amongst others. The project celebrates diversity and how one common culture can unite people.

Shot over a period of four years exclusively for this project, Hybrids records a wide variety of cultural phenomena and portrays an extraordinary range of complimentary individuals from all over the planet. By collecting so many diverse cultures and presenting in one unified project the overall theme of tolerance is underlined.

The project was launched with shows in New York, London and Copenhagen during 2008. A limited-edition Hybrids book (500 copies) which included introductory drawings by the artist David Shrigley was published the same year.