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In this follow up to Flows (52 min, 2017) I have experimented with a new format, no talk, no voice-over, but only images, music and text as graphic elements. In breathtaking images and emotive music this film starts in the burning Amazon and continue to show the global environmental consequences of the burning forest and other polluting factors.

Flows – It’s All Connected starts in the Amazon rain forest and we see how burning the forest for cattle grazing leads to soil degradation and fertilizer runoff. Combined with other nutrients entering the oceans, as well as increased climate heating of the ocean, it has created the perfect storm for a sargassum algae bloom – the biggest ever seen before in history.

The algae straddles the beaches, affecting sea turtles, and when rotting it becomes toxic as well as loaded with nutrients. These pollutants flow back to the sea again creating a double negative feedback loop.

We cannot treat ecosystems as separate individual pieces of nature, this is why we have created the film Flows – It’s All Connected.


Flows – It’s All Connected is written and directed by Klaus Thymann

Produced by The Lighthouse Foundation

Music by Kasper Bjørke Quartet


Notes about this project:

The music was performed live so there is no digital repetition in the violin.

A screening/ workshop for about 15 scientists was held when the film was almost finished. Following that adjustments were made based on recommendations to ensure scientific accuracy.

Filming was conducted in Brazil and Mexico over the course of 4 months.