FLOWS – It’s All Connected is an environmental film about interconnectivity, visualizing how water flows beyond the lines on a map. Thymann applies his eye for beauty and scientific expertise to encourage people to stop thinking of ecosystems as separate pieces of nature, and instead look at the big picture of how systems link. It has been used by NGOs, universities and governments for educational purposes.

The visual and emotive journey explores how water is the connection point between regions, carrying the negative effects of human impact across seas and borders. The narrative follows the connectivity of the water from central Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean, into the Caribbean Sea, and over to Mexico’s coastline along the Yucatán Peninsula. Along the way, the film shows how the natural flow of water creates a throughline from deforestation in the Amazon to unregulated urbanization in the Rivera Maya. It shows the dire consequences of ignoring how damage from human impact can extend from local to global. The film ends by proposing an answer to the urgent question, what can be done?