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Klaus Thymann’s drive to explore has taken him to document extreme environments around the world conducting expeditions in locations never or rarely visited. His focus is to bring back interesting and surprising stories with an environmental focus. He is passionate about the environment and holds a BSc in Environmental Science.

As an experienced mountaineer he has summited peaks on six continents, some above 6000 meters and has devised new trekking routes in DRC and Nepal amongst other places. In 2008 Klaus set up Project Pressure, a charity that documents glacial recession around the world, to create a platform for climate crisis awareness and activism. He has collaborated with NASA, the World Glacier Monitoring Service, Oxford University and many others. Thymann’s expeditions has been featured by BBC, CNN, NPR, Wired, The Guardian, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Vice, New Scientist, Creative Review, Discovery Channel and more.

Thymann is currently exploring underwater rivers on the Yucatan in Mexico, he wrote and directed a long-format documentary film of this form of environmental exploration, Flows. Flows has music by Thom Yorke. Exploring unchartered underwater caves means conducting cave dives of up to 5-6 hours. He has dived the nuclear wrecks in the Bikini Atolls at 65 meters depth, can ice dive and use mixed gasses. He is the only person in the world to have conducted a scuba dive in the world’s clearest lake in New Zealand.

Past expeditions has been supported by brands such as Adidas TERREX, Hasselblad, Fjällräven, Rab and Casio.