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Greenland Updated is a new cross-discipline campaign I directed for Fjällraven. This collaborative effort celebrates 50 years of Fjällraven’s Greenland Jacket featuring Gabriel Lewis and Karina Graeter, two stars of the current generation of climate scientists who study the Greenland ice sheet.

Shot on location across the Southeast of Greenland the imagery takes a glimpse at Russell Glacier near Kangerlussuaq and the harbour town of Qaqortoq. In these remote locations, with little or no filmmaking infrastructure, each element had to be meticulously planned. We travelled by boat, helicopter, plane and 4×4 to capture a cross-section of the country and how Fjällraven’s collection blends seamlessly into the rugged landscape.

This exciting production provided the opportunity to take on a combination of roles, from researching scientific contacts and planning logistics, to script development and of course photographing and filming with a small crew. The final outcome is two short films portraying unique perspectives on climate change in Greenland, a series of dramatic stills and social media content.

Made in collaboration with Round & Round, Stockholm.